exhibition system, integration of exhibition official website, APP, system backend

Organizer Administrator

  1. Build a database of vendors/visitors to facilitate the administrator to manage vendors/visitors at the same time.
  2. Data of official website and App are unified in one backend for easy management.
  3. Use big data to collect and provide valuable information.


  1. The manufacturer's registration, payment, form filling, official information, and exhibit catalog management can be completed at once after logging in.
  2. Exhibitors of each exhibition in the future are only needed to log in to update their information, and can be exempt from re-registration.


  1. Registration, matchmaking, official website and App information are completed simultaneously.
  2. Use the advantages of the App to conduct exhibition hall navigation, fast exchange of electronic business cards, and engagement in activities for gifts.
TMTS exhibition APP
exhibition case: TMTS
integration of TMTS exhibition website, APP
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