cloud mobile app marketing

Cloud Computing Mobile App

The popularization of smartphones, tablets, and 4G networks have changed the modern marketing models; to help customers take the lead in grasping market opportunities, we combine cloud computing services and tailor-made mobile native apps for iOS/Android to help companies to create all-round competition advantages, looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership with customers for win-win and common prosperity.

enterprise self-platform development

Enterprise Self-Platform

Plan the backend management system for customers according to their needs, and assist customers in solving the pain points in the operation process and content management, such as membership management, production line management, machine registration, web content management, App content management, etc., in an all-in-one integrated backend management system, looking forward to providing customers with the best information integration platform.

Cloud Computing Hosting Service

Cloud Computing Hosting Service

GTMC cooperates with leading cloud computing brands: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud and Chunghwa Telecom IDC. We have cloud computing services and the latest technology to provide customers with the best solutions.

Project Planning


From demands to discussion, systems planning, design criteria, program developments and review methods, we provide an integrated strategic plan to help companies to solve various problems encountered in the changing markets. Through iterative and phased solutions, we help customers to create products that are more in line with the market needs.

Design Service

UI/UX Design

"UX is what the brain thinks, and UI is what the eyes see." In order to create the most authentic user experience, we integrate and analyze requirements to create company values, and connect them into visible design services to help users to complete tasks smoothly. It can also deepen the company impression.

Program Development

Research & Development

From APP to website backend development, we have a professional R&D team and the rich practical experiences to support each product, and ensure that product requirements can be completely and correctly implemented.

Cloud Computing Data Center

Data Center

Most design companies do not have their own cloud computing data center. After website design and APP are completed, they must be hosted by another Internet company. The disadvantage is that when problems occur, the two parties are likely to avoid responsibilities from one another, resulting in no one being responsible; we design website, develop program and host website to provide companies with one-stop and complete services, so that customers have the best guarantee and after-sales supporting services.

Cross-Field Integration

Cross discipline integration

In addition to developing marketing websites, we also assist customers to integrate existing platforms, and develop functions to assist customers in connecting ERP, CRM and other internal systems, and at the same time carry out data integration. Customers do not need to repeatedly create data on multiple platforms to solve problem pain points. You build your own platform.

enterprise self-platform BTS

Enterprise Self-Platform

GTMC knows best for your business models. To respond to the changes in the global markets, we tailor-made the most powerful online marketing platform for you. With a perfect marketing strategy, we gradually lead your company to the world, show the brand image and expose products, accurate target potential customers and create a trusted brand image.

Cloud Computing APP Solution Cloud-based App solution

Cloud Computing APP Solution

The UI interface can be customized according to the company image, providing e-catalogs, dynamic catalogs, videos and pictures and other diverse materials. The built-in push notification allows the latest APP news not to be missed, and provides an APP independent backend to easily manage the content.

Exhibition Service Exhibition solution

Exhibition Service

Assist the organizer to manage manufacturer and visitor information, provide visitors to accurately find exhibitors and products, increase the popularities of exhibits online with the most intuitive search method and use the APP functions for visitor registrations, event calendar and booth map to help for the exhibition hosting.

3D Display Solution 3D Display solution

3D Display Solution

Integrate 3D technology on the company marketing website and present perfect product design drawings through excellent 3D designers to help customers understand the products. In addition, it supports real-time change of product appearance according to selection requirements, completes quotations and sets product specifications, and assists to increase product sales and accelerate production.

Project Process

  • Step



    Confirm demands

  • Step



    Unify requirements and plan system structures

  • Step



    Visualize the logical structures

  • Step



    Transform requirements and designs into actual product functions

  • Step



    Repeatedly verify the correctness of the systems and provide the test versions for customer confirmations

  • Step



    Product releases

  • Step



    Product follow-ups and services

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