RWD responsive web design

Designing Is to Deliver A Better Life Experience

Experience design is a coherent journey of using, from exploration and research, innovative concepts to design implementation, the whole process should be taken seriously. In order to achieve this kind of experience design, GTMC has established a UX design team with talents including user research, information architecture, interactive designers, visual designers, web designers, and front-end engineers. The team is diverse, full of enthusiasm, and also paranoid about design.


It is the belief of our team to deliver a pleasant user experience (UX) through every touchpoints interacting with users. The user's point of view is the core of the design, whether it is a unique sensory visual design, aesthetic system, operation logic, product functional aspects and interactive design, etc. Our design and development process takes "users" as the starting point, combines web page architecture and prototype creation, and creates a design that meets user needs as the final goal. We will assist in building a user experience that belongs to your brand, link your brand spirit, and refine a design solution that combines functionality, beauty and ease of use.

  • User research and analysis
  • User journey
  • User experience design analysis
  • User interface design analysis
  • Use behavior test
  • User manual design
  • RWD, Responsive Web Design
  • Brand design and digital graphics
  • Symbol design (semiotics)
  • Website building and web application
  • Web design

Principles of Responsive Web Design

When browsing the web on different screens of different devices (such as desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones), the entire web page will correspond to different resolutions and have different presentation methods, that is, a website has three designs to provide users with the best browsing layout, so that can clearly provide users with the most appropriate and important information in a limited screen layout.

principles of responsive web design - computer version
principles of responsive web design - tablet version
principles of responsive web design - mobile version

Advantages of Responsive Web Design:

01Development Cost is Lower than Native App

Because Responsive Web Design can usually directly use Media Query to directly write CSS for mobile devices, the cost is lower compared with Native App.

02 Can be Adjusted Separately for Many Different Devices at the Same Time

Different changes and designs can be made for different sizes of mobile device versions, and different data and planning designs can be made on different devices.

03Introduce Local Business Opportunities

87% of users who surf the Internet on their mobile phones will take immediate action. Responsive websites help you bring in effective crowds!

04Low Cost and Easy Maintenance

There is no need to design different web pages for individual devices, greatly reducing development costs, and only need to maintain a single platform!

05Improve Online Search Ranking

Google announced that it will improve the ranking of responsive websites, which is a highly recommended web design technique.

06High-Quality Mobile Internet Experience

Eliminate the problems of old-style website, such as slow download speed, too small font size, disordered layout, and not being able to click on required items.

According to the statistical report of TWNIC Taiwan Network Information Center:

It was estimated that in 2018, the number of Internet users over 12 years old in Taiwan reached 17.38 million, while the number of Internet users in Taiwan was estimated to have reached 18.66 million, and the overall Internet access rate reached 79.2%. Among them, the mobile Internet access rate has been increasing year by year, breaking through 70% for the first time in 2018, while the wireless LAN Internet access rate has dropped by 15%.

The ranking of connected devices is smart phones, followed by tablets, and desktop computers in third.

(Source: Taiwan Network Information Center

Electronic Catalog

Electronic Catalog

Due to the limitation of the browser, web browsing can only be viewed from top to bottom and from left to right in the traditional catalog. The page-turning layout logic is very different, in order to provide viewers with more additional services and corporate presentations. The exquisite flat catalog understands the company's intentions for product introduction and packaging. The electronic catalog reproduces the original appearance of the flat catalog, which is convenient for page turning, printing and downloading.

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