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A professional video not only aims to bring a visual impact, but also can shape the audience's image for the company and the product, thereby generating more benefits.

GTMC has always introduced the most advanced shooting equipment and with the most professional and dedicated service team to assist Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises in the production of multimedia videos. From planning, copywriting and scripting, executive production, photography, lighting, post-production editing, 3D animation design to 2D special effects design, etc., we have recruited various professionals across fields to assist companies for different video shooting needs and styles. Creating the most insightful company image video and product introduction video combining with GTMC online marketing experiences carries out the most efficient promotions for customers.

The use of 4K high-quality video recording system combined with 3D computer animation can clearly and completely present the most complete information of companies, products, and services, crossing the distances and limitations of time and space, allowing global buyers to immerse themselves and deepen their impressions.

Multimedia Production

According to different customer needs and attributes, different project shooting plans are carried out to meet the greatest needs of customers.

Discuss the purpose and style of the video with customers
Planning Proposal
Propose the content of the video plan according to customer needs
Confirm quotation and contract
Script writing according to the content of the video project
Plan the video shooting schedule, and carry out the process of scene surveying, casting, fixing and setting up according to the script content
Video shooting plan according to the schedule
Perform post-production processes, such as narration recording, mixing, color correction, special effects synthesis, and video editing
Case Closed and Video Delivery
Complete video editing and close the case after the customer confirms

Before and After Video

Videos Before and After
Rich Experiences in Shooting at Domestic and International Exhibitions

Rich Experiences in Shooting at Domestic and International Exhibitions

Since the establishment of GTMC, we have completed more than 1,000 video shootings of company profiles, product images, etc. The shooting videos can be seen on relevant platforms, networks, and exhibition venues. Our multimedia production and reputation are well-recognized. With the professional technology and accumulated experiences, we enhance customer brand images and product values, and make MIT label worldwide.

3D Animation Design

3D Animation Design

The fastest way - let customers understand your products
The shortest time frame - present your innovative works

There are a number of professional 3D designers who have backgrounds in related fields and rich experiences with unlimited creativities. Together with the latest version of professional 3D drawing software, we tailor the pictures you need, and present them to audiences.

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