Value Talent Training
Grow with Work Partners

Since the establishment of GTMC, the scale of the company has continued to expand. In order to build a more complete service, we continue to recruit excellent talents and focus on the cultivation of talents. In addition to the benefits that are superior to the labor law, and a comfortable and spacious working environment, each and every work partner is like a family member. We help each other, cooperate, trust each other, and hold various activities from time to time to enhance each other's bonding. Welcome to join GTMC and grow with us.

Employee Benefits

Incentive Rewards

  • Talent referral bonus
  • Scholarship for children of employees
  • Regular performance appraisal rewards
  • Annual rewards for outstanding employees
  • Unscheduled sales competition plus bonus rewards
  • Irregular project products bonus rewards
  • Provide reasonable and competitive salary

Incentive Rewards

  • Hold regular reading sharing sessions
  • Various books, newspapers, and magazines are available for reading/borrowing
  • On-the-job education and training of employees:
    • — Internal training-company internal professional education and training
    • — External training-professional education in other units

Diversified Happiness Policy

  • Volunteer Day/Volunteer Leave
  • Coffee refreshment station
  • Celebrations of various festivals
  • Family Sports Day every Wednesday
  • Employee travel subsidies for domestic and foreign trip
  • Hold GTMC Family Day from time to time
  • Labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance, …
  • Various allowances and subsidies ( wedding cash gift, birth-giving cash gift, …)


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