In the case of Audio-Technica’s one-page webpage design, GTMC uses different colors and elements to customize the event-specific one-page webpage. For example, we use the main visual black color to feel the professionalism of the product and emphasize the heavy bass. The real effect of reverberation and agitation in the depths of the soul, using background lines to express the wireless function of the headset, finally brings out the product's feature introduction and the image that consumers can use this headset all the time.

The white theme uses snowflakes and aqua blue backgrounds to create a simple and relaxing hue, conveying a full Christmas atmosphere. People from different cities wear headphones of different colors on the page to convey multiple and personalized choices. The feather image conveys the lightness of the Audio-Technica headset, and then presents the high-efficiency endurance of its products with a clock.

Providing professional customized webpage services. For webpage design, welcome to contact GTMC


In addition to the one-page event webpage, there is also an Audio-Technica e-commerce website. Go visit and check it out.

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