“E-Catalog” - Global Cloud Synchronization of APP

The printing and shipping costs of traditional catalogs are expensive. The cloud marketing APP provides catalogs to be downloaded at any time. Agents and distributors around the world will not be restricted by time and location, and immediately have the latest product catalogs with zero distance and zero time difference. Improve sales speed and convenience.

"Privilege Security Control"- No Leaking of APP Data

The cloud mobile APP provides an independent management backend, easily manages file permissions and account permissions, and safely protects the Sales Kit and confidential information that the company does not disclose to the outside world.


The company has its own customized APP style to enhance its unique brand image.

“Motion Catalog” - APP Makes Catalog to Move!

360-degree rotating interaction, showing every detail of the product in detail, dynamically displaying component videos and 3D special effects, the cloud mobile APP can be displayed in the most vivid and diversified way, so that customers can fully understand product features and improve transaction efficiency.

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