Brand Development

Strategy-Based, Driving Brand Development

We carry out brand development based on strategic thinking, starting from industry research and analysis, proposing decision-making basis, digging out the most suitable brand positioning, and solving business problems with design thinking. We recruit cross-field talents to assist companies in integrating brand market communication, marketing exposure planning, and visual design to achieve sustainable brand development.

Strategy-based,with a clear strategy as the basis for brand development
Research-driven,with objective data as a reference for decision-making
Design thinking,to solve business problems with creative design

We build brand business and design services with three core beliefs. For examples: brand strategy research, industry research and analysis, brand management standard development, brand logo recognition design development, and various marketing or auxiliary product designs.

A Strategic Partner and A Brand Manager

A good brand management strategy can ensure the sustainable development of customer’s brand. We are good at comprehensive brand management strategy. The success of the customer's brand business affirms the value of GTMC, which is the belief we have always pursued.

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